Who is behind

Behind this initiative is Carles Mateo.
Mr. Carles Mateo is a well known Entrepreneur and Catalan Senior PHP Consultant, but he knows other languages and technologies as well (.NET, C, C++, Java, ASM...).

The idea was born after meditating about a serie of themes:
  • Travelling across the world and think that it would be nice to find other Seniors and take a beer when you travel out of your country
  • After doing a lot of Networking and help companies and young people with ideas, and good people, and putting them in contact
  • After noticing some companies announcing that they do Networking, but for real taking benefit from brilliant technicians
  • After noticing that things are moving in the technology scene in England, not at Silicon Valley levels, but at interesting levels
  • After taking many beers with coworkers, after work, in several companies :)
  • After attending several technical speeches and conferences, and going all of us to take beers after ;) Fe: PHP & Beers
  • After going to two Meet up events in a Edinburgh, Scotland that were epic fails in assistance
  • After years working in several different technologies and notice that all have advantages and inconveniences
  • After meeting amazing people for years
  • After teaching and sharing techniques and methodologies, and learn things thanks to other people contributions :)