F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

It is only one day left and I've not received the email

The emails have been sent.
Is highly probable that the email is in your Spam folder.
In the rare case it is not there, contact us and we will provide you the information.

When will be the next AfterStart Barcelona?

We do not know.
This event has not a format like the classic afterworks, that are repeated every week.
People coming is very Senior and they're very busy in projects and initiatives.
In order to keep the fresh spirit and the utility of the event we can't repeat it very often.
The periodicity we have estimated is bimonthly or quarterly.
So until 2012 September, at least, we will not organise another AfterStart.

I don't see the address, how I'm going to know where to go?

Address is intentionally not shown.
This is not a public event.
It is an event expressly conveived for Seniors, CTO's and Entrepreneurs with great techonology knowledge.
We want to keep a filter to ensure that people unmatching the profile does not infiltrate, like non technical, consultantories / outsourcing / spammers seeking to advertise their company or products or recruiters searching for talented people.
Two days before the event we are going to send the address and the details via email.
Since communications are automated it is very important to register asap.

I'm CTO and I want to hire crew, is there any problem in telling people?

No, there is not if you like the beer. :)
This is part of common Networking activities.
We do not want to lose the focus of a friendly event between technicians nor having non technical people wanting to recruit.
And if you tell us, we will gladly help you to people know that you want to hire.

Can I register for future event, even I can't assist this time?

Sure, just fill the form and indicate it in the noted section, and we will let you know for the next editions.

What happens if I'm late?

Nothing, a member of our team will accomodate you and introduce to some people.
But in order to make the most out we recommend you to be at time.

I come alone and I\m shy


Can I know who is coming?

No. The list of attendees is strictly private unless they explicitly ask to share that they are coming.
But I won't miss. ;)