The idea of this event is to have fun.
To laught, make friends, talk about technology, and do Networking (contacts).
We'll arrive at 19:00, and at 20:30 hours we will officially consider the meeting ended.
But those wanting to continue the party could do it. ;)
Some people asked if is a lan party. No, it is not.
We get together people loving technology, working on Internet projects, friendly people in general, and we have a very cool night.
Of course some of us will carry the laptop.
For us is a basic working tool and some of us get systems' alerts and customers requests from allover the world at any hour in the day or night and we must attend them.
That's the motivation why we requested to that they provide us with a dedicated antenna to provide Internet but finally an ADSL Internet connection with WiFi has been installed on the bar, and there are tables and chairs to work if needed. :)
It is likely that some want to show projects where are working for, or share interesting tools, or add their new friends to LinkedIn, so laptops are welcome. :)
Most of us love informatica but beers too ;) and party.
AfterStart Team will organise a futbolin match, and dards contest.
There is also a billard.