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After the Work, Start the Fun!
After the job, start the party!

Imagine going out to take a beer and meet other techinicians from technology companies.
Imagine that you're alone in the city for a while and you would like to take some beers with technicians like you.
Imagine meeting Seniors PHP Developers, Java, .NET, MySQL DBA's, Postgresql, PL/SQL from Oracle, and CTOs from some Start ups.
In the technology sector many of us know others, so why not taking a beer with your friends from that e-Commerce site, with those of that company of cheap flights, that about Hotels and that Start up where your friend Jordi works and that they introduce you their coworkers?.
Marius works in a urban leisure multinational and has blog in WordPress about curiosities with more than 3,000 unique visits per day, Edu is a PHP Senior Developer in a cheap flights company and has a dedicated server for his cuisine blog, that he has develop from the scratch in PHP, with more than 5,000 visits daily.
Marc is a System Administrator and collaborates with the free network guifi.net and develops projects in drupal.
Carles is Freelance Consultant, develops auto-scaling Internet projects in the Cloud and travels across Europe.
That are real cases that are coming to the next afterstart in Barcelona.
We're techies, we're geeks, and we love to make friends!.

This is afterstart.com and here you'll find a lot of fun, you'll meet people working in different companies, in different technologies, we will do Networking and there will be beer! ;).

The next event will be on Thursday 21th, 2013 March, starting at 19:00 hours (CEST=Local Barcelona's time), in a bar in the center of Barcelona.
Register and we will send you all the details.

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